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We have six family farms and a unique land base of over 35,000 acres growing our vegetables allowing us to fulfil any customer requirement! As a business we are just a marketing extension of the farm office however, we let the farmers concentrate on growing the best vegetables and we the sales team concentrate on providing you with the best service. We love our crops from the moment they are planted to the moment they land at our customers, but especially when they hit our plate. And it’s because we’re happy to put them on our plate, we know you’ll be happy to put them on yours!

We believe that fresh is best, that’s why our Vegetables can be harvested, washed and delivered to you in less than 24 hours! For our more local customers our Veg can be harvested, washed and ready for delivery in under 2 hours! 

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Customers said

"The potatoes are probably the freshest you will come by! As a greengrocer, they're a fantastic local product as the minimal amount of time they spend between the field and dinner table means they retain that unbeatable home-grown flavour and texture. They are a must buy whilst they're in season to experience what proper potatoes should be like."

Sam, greengrocer at the Suffolk Food Hall

"I don’t usually write this kind of letter, but I just had to tell you that your potatoes were wonderful. They were unmarked, fresh and had that taste that I thought was long gone, thank you so much."

Mary, Brentford



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