'Humdinger Parsnip Journey'

This week one of our customers called up to say that our "Parsnips were the best flavour that they had ever tasted and how did we grow such incredible Parsnips?"

Instead of boring them over the telephone we invited them to see the exact field they were grown in and took them on a “Humdinger Parsnip Journey” which goes a little like this...

  1. Variety trials and the selection process ahead of planting. 
  2. The BIG Humdinger taste test and variety vote. 
  3. The Parsnips are planted with lots of humdinger TLC
  4. The fields are walked to quality check their growth progress (we do this every week in actual fact)
  5. They are watered and nurtured under the watchful eye of our careful Humdinger farmers
  6. The Humdinger team "shout from the roof tops" to our customers letting them know their availability date
  7. The Humdinger team gets very excited as the time to Harvest them is looming in...
  8. The harvester team gets the call to send the harvesters in, eeek! 
  9. Washed packaged and ready for delivery to our local customers in less than 2 that’s a Humdinger of a service!



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